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Startup & Winterization

Two critical times in the life of a sprinkler system. Spring startups are the ideal time to give your system a good start for the year and blowing out your system is a must in Wisconsin's weather. Our rates are very competitive. Our rates for startups are on a time-and-materials basis. Fall winterization, or blowout, is a flat rate. Give us a call for more details, or send us a note.

Spring Start-up

We will start up your system, program your controller, and check for any problems. Some problems are obvious and others are not; we know what to look for and if there is any problem we will find it and fix it. Once everything is taken care of your system will be ready to run when you are ready. If you don't want to run it right away, the controller can simply be left in the off position. This is also a great time to integrate your system into the IoT (Internet of Things) by having us install a smart controller. Click here to learn more.

We will need access to the water source and the controller to start up your system.

Mid-season check-up

It is always good to have your system checked at least once during the season. You would be surprised how many homeowners do not realize there is a problem with their sprinkler system! Do you run your system at night? Some homeowners do, so they never actually see their system run and are thus unaware of any problems. Having us come and do a mid-season check-up can be a wise decision that can actually save you money in the long run. Problems that are not readily detected such as underground leaks, pump short-cycling (specially in lake systems where the pump is out of sight), among others, are all problems that can become costly if not addressed.

Fall Winterization

When we blow out your sprinkler system you can have the peace of mind that your system will be safe during the winter from freeze damage. This is a must in Wisconsin; we will come out with our compressor and take care of it. We normally do not do any repairs during this time, unless there is a break on the main water line that would prevent us from blowing out all of the zones properly.

We will need access to the water source and the controller to perform this service.

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Gallery of common problems

Browse through our gallery of common problems to see some of the problems we have addressed. Note that all pictures are from actual systems we worked on. Click or tap the picture.