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Injection Systems

Your sprinkler system can do so much more than just water your lawn. Imagine if you could prevent ugly rust stains, calcium stains, scale build up, and hard water spots from well water; what if you could also fertilize your lawn, and provide insect control... all at the same time through your sprinkler system!

The good news is you can do all this through your sprinkler system, through fertigation and pestigation.

What is Pestigation?

Pestigation a method of pest control through an injection system that works in conjunction with your irrigation system. An injection system injects a soluble, timed dose of a natural pest repellent liquid that disperses through your sprinkler system and into your lawn, where pests like to reside.

What is Fertigation?

Fertigation is the same process as pestigation, except it injects a liquid dose of fertilizer into your sprinkler system and disperses it into your lawn, providing plants and grass with the nutrients they need.

Stain Prevention

Are you tired of seeing stains on your driveway, walls, and other surfaces? Although sprinkler heads should be adjusted so they do not sprinkle directly on surfaces, other factors such as wind can put water where you don't want it, leaving behind unsightly stains. As opposed to a costly "iron curtain" system, an injection system is designed for sprinkler systems; therefore, they are designed to keep up with the unique needs of a sprinkler system. An irrigation system can overtax "iron curtain" systems; not so with an injection system. In addition, you have the additional benefits of using the injection system to also provide nutrients to your lawn and keep pests at bay.

Already have stains?

No worries! We also offer rust stain removal services. Let us come do a demonstration on a small area; if you are happy with the results we will give you an estimate on the spot to remove the rest of the rust stains.

What's even better, if you have us install an injection system we will also remove existing stains at no extra charge! This offer does not apply if you clear coat your surfaces on top of existing stains.

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