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Smart Wi-Fi Systems

Smart devices are everywhere; we use them to keep in touch with important people in our lives, to keep important appointments, to keep track of our health, etc. Your green surroundings are also an important part of your life, so why not enhance your landscape with smart technology?

We are excited about technology and about using it to add value to your sprinkler system. At Waukesha Sprinkler Smart WiFi-enabled systems are the standard for all new installations.



Integrating Existing Systems

There are a few things to consider to effectively integrate a smart sprinkler controller into your existing system. To achieve that successfully we will evaluate your system in the following areas:

  • Adequate WiFi reception where the controller will be installed.
  • Appropriate wireless network signal (2.4 GHz)
  • LAN connectivity.
  • Compatible mobile device that will be used for managing the system.
  • Particulars of your landscape such as topographical variations, soil type, sun exposure, dimensions, and type of vegetation.
  • Particulars of your sprinkler system such as type of heads, nozzles, system type, sensors, etc.

All these parameters will then be programmed into your smart controller. Once everything is in place we will personally help you understand how to run your system; it's very simple and will not take much of your time.

We think you'll love it!


  • Saves water and money. EPA WaterSense certified smart watering, including automatic rain delays, can save users up to 50% of their outdoor water use.
  • Weather Intelligence. Waters automatically based on past, present, and future weather plus real-time and forecast rain delays. No need to worry about updating schedules.
  • Custom Fit to Your Yard. Enter your specific plant and soil types to get a tailored watering schedule.
  • Control from the Device. Manual access on the box for local control, and LED lights that give a visual indication of what’s happening.
  • Connects to the Smart Home. Integrates with Nest, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Wink, Control4, Nexia and other top tier home automation systems for expanded functionality.
  • Remote Control. Start, stop, and change your sprinklers directly from your phone or computer.

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  • Superior Access & Control. Access and control your Rain Bird irrigation system with your smartphone or tablet, and receive critical real-time alerts about your system.
  • Automatic Seasonal Adjustment. Weather data from the internet automatically adjusts system run times on a daily basis. Ensuring that your yard receives the water it needs, while saving up to 30% in water.
  • 80+ Years of Irrigation Experience. Rain Bird has been the leading manufacturer of irrigation equipment for more than 80 years. The LNK WiFi Module assures those 8 decades of experience are available to you anywhere, anytime.

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